Saturday, August 6, 2011

Robert Plant 2011 Ukraine live

Speech by Robert Plant in Kiev, expected for months. And finally the last day in July it happened! Most of the gathered audience expected to hear good old songs Led Zeppelin. Hope the fans come true - but not quite. From the repertoire of "Zeppelin" Plant sang only four songs, but pretty modified to the tune of country music. However, we can not say that the public was dissatisfied.
To say that the concert brought together many people - to say nothing, the hall was packed to capacity. And even after the concert, at the entrance to the Palace of Culture "Ukraine" have continued to crowd people looking for "extra ticket." Moreover, contingent gathered enough raznoshersty - to the speech came the people who listened to Led Zeppelin as a young man "secretly," the young, which is hoisted on to the music of parents and, of course, the entire elite of Kiev. In the hall you could see the musicians of "BB", Vladimir Bebeshko and many others. By the way, these fans were not too lazy to come from the Crimea and other parts of Ukraine, only to see their "god."
"I was at one time on Led Zeppelin's parents" hoisted. "Since this is my favorite band. I have no friends in Kiev, but for the sake of Plante and you can fly to the moon," - said "The city is" one of the most ardent fans of the legendary rock Executive Michael
Percussionist, in all probability, very much.
First appeared on the stage the musicians of the American North Mississippi Allstars, which is not something that warmed room, but simply brought to the boiling point. The audience went into raptures of incendiary blues motifs. In addition to great music filling the guitarist has pleased the public a variety of guitars - from the classic to a variety of bizarre shapes. And then the musicians performed one of their ballads in acoustics.
Musicians brought with them a number of unusual guitars.
And performed an acoustic ballad.
By the way, the musicians paid attention to the tragedy in Luhansk region - the concert was marked by a moment of silence, which, incidentally, was all but two of intervention. First, before performing the first group, and then before the performance of the Robert Plant.
Speech Plant began with a moment of silence.
"I am delighted to be here, but I am saddened by the events in the Lugansk region" - said the legendary vocalist Robert Plant for the first time, appearing on stage.
After that performance itself began. Literally from the first chords, the audience is already prepared joyfully welcomed their idol. To say there is not,  a little hoarse, so recognizable.
From the first notes of a musician began with a reception  microphone, elegantly crossing his legs in the manner of Mick Jagger.
Literally from the first chords started to shake a leg with a musician stand microphone
Robert Plant sang country music singer Patty Griffin.
It is worth noting the composition Monkey, which by its mystical sound did not leave anyone indifferent. Under the melodious voices of chords Robert Plant and country singer Patty Griffin sounded so fascinating, that reigned in the hall of silence, and the audience it was difficult to remove from the scene views.
In addition, the band performed two, already traditional, songs dedicated to the "Lord of the Rings."
By the way, the program is in full compliance with Kiev speech Band of Joy in Moscow, the concert was over, even under the same song. Bidding farewell to the hall, after supposedly the last song, which has led Room to a complete delight, the band came out for an encore. At this point the fans did not stop anything - neither angry security guard, nor the audience shouted, "Get thee to pass." The last two songs sang in chorus room with the musicians, standing, dancing.
Despite the fact that Plant had aged, he looks very much even good!
After two encores of songs performed by Robert Plant thanked the audience, and disappeared backstage. Many continued to be applauded, the audience could not believe that this was indeed the final chord, and the musicians will not return to the scene.
Even sings bass.
Robert Plant also made it possible for team members to present their solo numbers.

Wiev the original here

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