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Led Zeppelin, the Gods of Rock on the blue Staircase

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Young rock enthusiasts of the 21st century, those who listen to music on little thing shiny with headphones and read only on the LCD, come near and us Your grandparents are tell you long ago time when men from Gibsons were errant Knights of landstriding the stages, shrouded in mist, soloing in Great length! What is this? I really don't know what Led Zeppelin is or was? I never read this salacious earlier biography, Stephen Davis ' Hammer of the Gods "? Well have a thread for you. Or at least this wall does, this fellow Mick from England, who has also written or co-written the definitive biographies of Ozzy, Bono and Iron Maiden. Past recalls this hot session guitarist named Jimmy Page kills some time with the Yardbirds ("Shapes of things", etc.) until he decides he can do better by assembling the new Yardbirds — except that he is unable to lure away, who's rhythm sectionwho would devoutly theft or Steve Marriott of the Small Faces, the singer of Note. Instead, settlements on several country yokels, Robert Plant and John Bonham, vocals and drums, respectively, and another slightly frustrated session dude, John Paul Jones, who plays bass. This page is most happy Bonham, which hits drums, as if he seeks to affect the seismic activity in the British Isles. Singer, who is very good looking, he is not sure. The parties do not pay much attention to Bass at all.
The band performs its first concert in weeks of its initial time attempt and books in the studio not long after. Mainly they borrow their material, walls, which means they take the works of other people and changed very little. If you have been literature, rock, young enthusiasts, these songs would have been to an instance of plagiarism, but since this narrative takes place not long after the folk Revival, and some of these songs were traditional, accepted Zeppelin from earlier pieces of steel, the band somehow, at least initially, rises to change a few lines and giving the song a new title — "Black Mountain Side" instead of "Black Water Side" and so on. Turns out that many of the things that Led Zeppelin was "borrowed" one degree or another, including "Dazed and confused," "Whole lotta Love", "when the Levee Breaks", and even (yikes!) its largest, the most gargantuan hit song entitled "Stairway to Heaven" that most of us now have heard so many times we would die rather than hear it again. Some people, in accordance with Mick Wall, believe guitar opening line "Stairway" were filched from the band Spirit.
Regardless of the composition of the deficits is the chemistry of the elusive Zeppelin band and so do some of the subsequent albums that sell really shocking number of copies, tens of millions of albums, and between the United States to visit and whether the really awful lot, morally offensive things to young womenwho offer each other until delectation. We used to think of young enthusiasts, rock that behavior is somehow was slightly explicable, and this is the difference between this book about Led Zeppelin and earlier books. For example: contained in this agreement is the famous story of a groupie, and the shark, which has been dealt with elsewhere at some length. This bit of lore is now so unsettle and so repellent that you never want to listen to the band again. Or whether the team issues demurrals groupie to convince You otherwise. (Robert Plant: ' The thing people forget when they tut-tut about things is to laugh, we had. People tend to look back on the team as the strength of this dark spread its wings when we were just young guys having a good time. The main thing I remember most about these days now is laughter. ")
And then there is Aleister Crowley as part of the story. Then you can see, people have their alternative spiritual systems. This inspired them to create, I believe, and so this guy, he went in search and emerged with a very recondite backwater philosophical. He was in the necromancer, Crowley. They were as Crowley program in work exactly? Wall, probably the very best and most cogently argued section of its account (often manages to feel rushed and repeated elsewhere), contain much on exactly what in Crowley Ordo Templi Orientis stood, among which was, "magickal moving acts (the adoration of the Phallus as the equivalent of the microcosmic of the Sun)" and "masturbatory or autosexual techniques (hereinafter referred to as the lesser work of Sol)".
Weird symbols with which the band adorned its fourth album? It was the influence on Crowley pictograms, that word sort "ZoSo", which in the bedroom of pupils school, we believed it was some kind of vague album title. In fact, there seems to be a reference to 666 Crowley company, or is what thought Wall, and is very own page icon. Even "Stairway to Heaven," hit the aforementioned monster, which was later covered by Dolly Parton, was not free from their pictures Crowley-esque (ascending to light is a Luciferian conceit), while Robert Plant, singer-songwriter, he wrote, not parties.
Of course, there were drugs in the bang! Perhaps in connection with them, the effective period of Led Zeppelin was short. In view of the walls only lasted from 1968 to 1975. By then neglected bassist already attempted to resign once, and drummer, who used to get so violently homesick Tour, which was going to throw to rethink guns window and pull on people started compensating for his pain by drinking a truly large amounts. After 1975, curse of Led Zeppelin (meted out, in particular by Kenneth Anger, another disciple of Crowley, after he was ejected from the residence) entered into force and was in a car accident and then died in awful his son, and then the party dwindled for a prolonged period of heroin. Finally, John Bonham was able to shorten his unhappiness once and for all by using the equivalent of 40 shots of alcohol in one day, of which says: "it is, it wasn't new to us see Bonzo drink and pass. I knew that many people who used to do this. Perhaps this time it may ring alarm bells. However, in those days the norm under the sort of people who knew. " After the death of his "other members of the disbanded.
The new novel, The four fingers of death, Rick Moody s will be published in July.
More articles in books» a version of this article appeared in print on 27 December 2009, at the BR8 Edition of New York.
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He was the son of Zeppelin: Tribute concerts planned



The world of John Bonham was the drummer of the huge rock 'n' roll Led Zeppelin, which style drums explosive songs such as "when the Levee Breaks" and "Four sticks". Jason Bonham, it was just Dad, the man whose musicianship he is not fully docenialy when John died in 1980 at 32, when Jason was just 14. "I really wish I had time told him when he was alive, how much I loved him as a player and his music," Mr. Bonham said recently in a telephone interview. In this spirit, Mr. Bonham now 44, announced on Monday that he will perform a series of concerts in the fall of paying tribute to his father and the music of Led Zeppelin. Composition of musicians and concerts still is terminated, but Bonham Mr. said tutorial, named "Jason Bonham of Led Zeppelin experience," will perform 30 shows in North America after the 30-year anniversary of the death of John Bonham. Mr. Bonham, who in 2007 with the surviving members — Jimmy Page, , Robert Plant and John Paul Jones — at the O2 Arena in London, said he has not yet had approached them about participating. "Of course I'd love to be involved," he said. "I had the time of my life working with them in the six weeks to Show at the O2 and were part of, only this time."

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Strong unity and Dueling Flaxen locks




Michael Falco for The New York TimesAlison Krauss and Robert Plant performed at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden.

The date on the "add the sand" (Rounder), spooky album beautiful issue year Robert Plant and Alison Krauss tilt toward each other from different vantage points: a dazzling bluegrass coolly plaintive (his) and a heat blistered arena rock (his) own scouted out material with producer T Bone Burnett mines deep dark boundaries of Americana quite familiar, but two of spring rain from chemical contrast. Period of coexistence, even the most energetic, colorful fruitful media.

Mr. and Ms. Krauss almost to the point the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden as the first of two Saturday concerts have each taken over from opposite wings as predators stalking like cartoon gait rhythm of their parallel in the "Rich girls," a throwback to the open R&B with non-symmetry album. In its height and Don Black, and in her flaxen manes.

What loosened and quickened music next up was "leave my woman alone a spunky Ray Charles admonition by Ms. Krauss grabbed her fiddle and sang through his Plant bracingly groove has two steps and then came" classic Black Dog Led Zeppelin with his old band Plant are arranged in a minor key for banjo, bass and guitar is not menacing, but would not vote, particularly as both singer voice their arced. ready to meet "before the scream video instrumental.

"Welcome to Revue sand added Mr. Plant stated that after the actual song summary based on this tour, while undeniably from the album Welcome to the liberties using repertory and tone, Mr. Burnett leading circle of hotels including drummer Jay Bellerose and guitarist Buddy Miller kept the momentum with lively. In the list to appear. Change from night to night, which is not recommended without imagination, so much to the sturdy formula works mightily to judge. By the results of Tuesday.

As a revue tour supports their strengths in a way that not headliners "sand" to have two more Led Zeppelin tune each powerhouse "Black Country woman" was the band expand each spur emotions in the lyrics and subsiding, till the next angry waves.

"Battle of Evermore" is good because the drone of Celtic (sound is far removed from Appalachia) and the women's section (Ms. Krauss sings grippingly) but quieter and even in some songs from the album "Add sand" Mr. Plant are push rewardingly: "Nothin" melancholy Townes Van Zandt met him as he ages caterwauling.

Ms. Krauss show themselves. Starting with the traditional hymn "Green Pastures, where she received sparse support from Dennis Crouch on bass and Stuart Duncan on guitar, and her more pared-down singing serenely of penetrating" into the River to pray first, with no accompaniment (Middle. Mr. Plant mock-tiptoed onstage support Gospel harmony in cappella.)

If this collaboration encourages Mr. Plant is a bit more Ethereal has certainly made Ms. Krauss seems earthier she sing sweet, characteristically, not balance with high belting strident and cathartic on "La and therefore up to you," That does not appear on the "Add sand" and "Trampled rose, where she proved her ability to cry even harder as anyone you know who.

Elsewhere a better proof of interesting combinations The closers back-to-back: "Please read the letter, a ballad by Mr. Plant and" Gone Gone Gone (done Moved on), "classic Everly Brothers and then by a final encore:" a long walk with your doc and Rosa Lee Watson Ms. Krauss and Mr. sing it wonderfully Plant. Access to the intensity that somber as they possibly could. He hits the road

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss made on Friday at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, ill., and Saturday at the Civic Center Asheville in North Carolina.

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The same music just played a little slower

Led Zeppelin performed at the O2 Arena in London on Monday and left John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham on drums Robert Plant and Jimmy Page band-after the death of John Bonham in 1980, photos more >.
Some rock band LONDON — supple tempos of them when they make their decade old music after the fact. Play fast is a type of armor: refutation. Real simple's age — unregainable enthusiasm and synapsids lost then all collectively — and block the band heavy lessened of cultural importance.
But Led Zeppelin delay of interruption to little O2 arena here on Monday. In a full concert of the first set but 1980 — by John Bonham, who died last year, but with the. His men into a natural substitute Jason — the band found much older in tempos in power that more graceful than on the old save cash. The speed of music ran near the Group's third Studio record, or slow the "good easy" frosted winter time mountain Hop "and" whole Lotta Love "was confident cruises" Dazed and confused "crawled the glorious epoch.
All back to the blues that completely decomposed is a good start and Led Zeppelin with the idea of the half. Singer Robert Plant's band doesn't want you to remember: he suggests "Trampled under foot" by describing a Robert Johnson "Terraplane Blues" and mentions Blind Willie cho nasan is the inspiration for "who's fault but mine (aside from the band that 10 minutes each in two luxuriant blues and other songs from the catalog of the latter:" because I love you "and" in my time of Dying).
Ahmet Ertegun at the concert is dedicated enough. Sure he has of the centrality of black American music under culture. Signed, Mr. Ertegun, who died last year Led Zeppelin to Atlantic records. Displays the edit, which is useful for Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund, which will offer music education scholarship to study with the University in the United States. English and Turkish homeland of him.
By the end of more than two-hour show of Zeppelin it, hard to remember someone on the list, but the music industry was preceded by Bill Wyman the dented Prefecture shows the Rhythm Kings — and good with blues timey singer Paolo Nutini as well, and Albert Lee, including a few songs each, with Paul Rodgers (of free and bad company) and foreigners revolving — all recorded for Atlantic under Mr. Ertegun.
With the kind of calmness about Led Zeppelin theme it was well rehearsed the same thing: planning and finance, operating since April under. Band members wore black clothes instead of their most wardrobes candy colors, Mick Jagger, Mr. Unlike old Plant — the life of the original 51 members — not walk and gesture like girls that exciting anymore. Some of the top of his voice, but except for one tried and failed to note in "stairway to heaven" ("a walk to all la-dy that we know ..."), He found other melodic path to suit him. He trusted. He has a good reputation.
Not for Jimmy Page, his guitar solos as articulated by, and that they used to be, but only drove home the point that they are always minor riffs that Monday is enormous bitter ' (he did produce a bow violin for his solo on "dazed and confused" during great music spooky global)
John Paul Jones bass line have lost little in the acoustics of the Hall — like all O2 Arena location such as 22000-seat rough on low frequency — but he carefully in your pocket with Jason Bonham when he could not be cached played keyboard on "mu" and "no quarter" and he is ready to do some other pedal bass with his feet secured with groove that far behind the pace.
And what of Jason Bonham, the big question of what — there is no way to prove this, but let's just rounding it off — Reunion rock projected in age full of them? He is an expert in the rhythm of his father. Encyclopedia of variation of them all, in all existing and also some small areas where he has been adding a tattoo. He stuck with the sound and feel of the original Smacks of snare drum does not have a single timbre, sound matched coarse reverberant but is present in two hours and some sound problems gradually corrected. You find yourself not worrying about it anymore, it all works.
Led Zeppelin has semi-reunited a few times in the past with success, not so much: short problem sets of Live Aid in 1985, and Atlantic records at the 40 anniversary concert in 1988, but this is a coalition that band with investing, although the fact that there is no plan for tourism in the future. Among the 16 songs is one has never played live before: "For Your Life from the album" presence "
To dance in the Hall that was extreme and genuine roars crowd during encores. ravenous at the end of it all is a member of the original three then knelt before the bend, Mr. Bonham and genuflected.

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"Band of joy," project Solo of Robert Plant

"I suddenly felt very free and liberated," Mr. Plant said by telephone at his home in England, near the Welsh border. "The time was open ended, with a vast horizon, and this is how I used to feel the music.". This great weight fell away from me and I thought: "I could be 17 here." It took me back to how I felt when I was in the band of joy. »
Inspired by this emotion and the remarkable ensemble of musicians he worked with (led by guitarist and co-producer Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin singer), Mr. Plant decided to the title of this album "Band of Joy"."," after the group in which he and drummer John Bonham played prior to the formation of Led Zeppelin in 1968. With a laugh, Mr. Plant, 62, described "wonderful, crazy, incendiary quality this band," saying: "it has been constantly implode in internal and external." We were so frustrated and so hungry, but it was great. »
The creation of the "band of Joy" album, which was released on Rounder Records on September 14, was not quite so chaotic, although he did need some twists and turns along the way. (The group will perform at the Bowery Ballroom Sunday.) After the unexpected success of "raising sand", which won a Grammy Award 2009 as the album of the year, the Plant of Mr. and Mrs. Krauss has attempted to record a follow-up. This in itself was a little surprise, because the solo career of Mr. plant he saw strive to avoid repeating himself, venturing down avenues such as rockabilly, folk and music of the Middle East.
"We cut lot with Alison," he said, "and we have spent enough time to know that we did not just not the right equipment." We had such great output with "raising sand", he had such joy and humour and reverie, and we were not hitting in the same light. »
After these sessions, Mr. Plant called Mr. Miller, who had been in the "Raising Sand" band tour and asked if he would assemble musicians for a solo project. "I have really spent much time trying to talk about ending the record with Alison," said Mr. Miller. "I thought there are magical moments there."
What he heard Mr. Plant, however, was that he wanted to start from scratch and try something more daring. "I spent three years searching around, how to exploit the search for clues and collect songs that are deep enough", said Mr. Plant.
It gathered dozens of songs that he was interested in recording, ranging from the indie rock to traditional spirituals. Mr. Miller, with the feeling that he needed to musicians who "would be able to travel to where the music takes," assembled a small band with multi-instrumentalist Darrell Scott, bassist Byron House and drummer Marco Giovino.
"The musicality of these guys is almost frightening," said Mr. Plant. "Sing with them down the rigging with a knife in my teeth, I just try to off the coast with some experiments." Sometimes I think I should just be helping restoration. »
Always, he believed that he lacked something, and he calls Mrs. Griffin, a famous singer-songwriter and a frequent collaborator with Mr. Miller. "He told me that he felt as he had not completed the folder again, and it needed a few spices," she said.
What he wanted, however, was something very specific and very different from the dynamics of concessions he shared with Ms. Krauss. Ms. Griffin stated that its role was "more landscape there, more like a cello or a flute.". Mr. Plant called "the sidekick serene, almost confused."
Mr. Miller and Ms. Griffin described the sound of "band of Joy" as darker than that of "raising sand." With two songs from the catalog of the band of Minnesota Low spare, intense and songs by Los Lobos, Richard Thompson, Townes Van Zandt alongside Doo - wop numbers and spiritual, the disk is a testament to plant for its liberal design eclectic tastes of music American roots.
The paper "band of Joy" may seem a bit like a territory back to familiar, but the performances are always surprising. You can't Buy My Love "is a back-porch rocker popping finger, while"The Only Sound that Matters,"offers an introspective meditation on the complications of love." Between the calibre of musicians, the ambitious material and plant of Mr. voice (his signature banshee wail modulated to attack more altered, expressive, Mr. Miller compared to jazz singing), the album - true to its title - really feels like a band effort.
Mr. Plant stated that the sensation of records reminds him "that another band," as he refers sometimes to Led Zeppelin.
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